Irene Hidalgo de la Guía


Researcher (Doctor)

About Irene

She has a Cum Laude doctorate in Linguistics from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), graduated in Spanish Philology and specialized in Phonetics and Phonology of Spanish with the Official Master of the CSIC-UIMP. Currently, she is a professor in the Spanish Language area of ​​the Department of Spanish Philology of the UAM and also teaches in the degrees of Speech Therapy at the University of Castilla La Mancha and the Center for Higher Education (CUNIMAD), attached to the University of Alcalá de Henares.

His main lines of research are framed in Clinical Linguistics and Forensic Linguistics. Most of his studies revolve around the linguistic peculiarities of populations with developmental problems, with genetic syndromes and with alterations of neurological origin. In his doctorate he focused on the characterization of the speech and voice of the population diagnosed with a rare disease called Smith Magenis syndrome, an alteration that he continues to examine today. He has been a member since 2015 of the Neuromorphic Voice Processing Laboratory, at the Center for Biomedical Technology (CTB) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. In this laboratory he is currently conducting a research stay.

In relation to Forensic Linguistics, she is a collaborator of the ILFE Forensic Linguists group and together with them she has carried out various linguistic expert opinions focused on the analysis of speech and voice. He has taught specialized courses in Forensic Phonetics and published studies related to the application of Phonetics to the forensic field.

He is currently participating in different national competitive research projects on the encephalographic study of the semantic processing of the population with Williams syndrome (PID2019-108092GA-I00), and European projects on the implementation of technological improvements for the online teaching of students with disabilities (European Project KA226-Program 2020).



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